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I want to be like her..

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Today was a big day for me.... 

I said goodbye to a coworker of mine, the legendary Ellen K, as she goes on to host her very own morning show on KOST 103.5 ... 


i am am so extremely proud of her and so excited for her next chapter... But for me, it was like losing the big sister in my work world. 


Ellen definitely was my safety net at work. She was always looking after me, she was always there to comfort me, she was always there to hold me hand.. No matter what was going on in my life...  


And now now it's like I don't have my safety net anymore. Obviously I'm not losing Ellen in my life. I'm obviously going to stay in close contact. But it's almost like a kick in the pants. ... Time for me to put my big girl pants on and handle it! 


and that is what I'm going to do... Everything I do is to make her proud.. 


i I love you Ellen. So very much