Tanya Rad

Love Myself

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We are our own worst critic... Picking ourselves apart worse than other people do.. 


We talk to ourselves in a way we would never allow anyone else to talk to us..


and I will admit I am the worst at this!!! 

I always complain about my thighs, or my skin, or my waist.. 

what ever it may be.. I'm always cutting myself down! 

if I don't wear makeup for a day I find myself pointing out that I'm not wearing makeup to people.. When I just need to freaking own it and rock it!!


well I decided today that I'm going to spend more time focusing on loving myself. Saying nice and encouraging things to myself instead of constantly cutting myself down!! 

so join me... And talk to yourself like you would to someone that you love! And stop seeking yourself short, because there is NO ONE on the world like YOU... So embrace it 😊😊😊