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Lyric Of The Day - Demi Lovato "In Case"

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If you know me ... you know I have a playlist ready for ANY thing you might be going through in your life..

But ONE playlist I love making in particular is the BREAKUP PLAYLIST!

And one song that I always throw on there is Demi Lovato's "In Case"


This song is all about keeping that small sliver of hope after a relationship ends..

It's about keeping that door cracked open...

It's about not COMPLETELY closing the book & ending that particular love story ...

in the off chance this person comes back around!

The lyric that gets me in particular is this one:

"In case you don't find what you're looking for..

In case you are missing what you had before...

In case you change your mind...

I'll be waiting here in case... you just want to come home..." 


You can listen to the  full song BELOW:

You can buy Demi's album DEMI .. HERE