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#WCW - Beata Murphy

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Today's #WCW goes to one of my bosses.... Beata Murphy!

Beata is kinda a badass in my world..... like when I think of the song "Who run the world.. GIRLS" ... I think of Beata!

I look up to her for so many reasons.. but what I admire most is that she has an amazing job and I love that she encourages the females that work under her!

She shoots it to me straight... if she has an issue with something she takes it up with me personally talks it out and its done. She also is constantly telling me how much she appreciates what I bring to the table.. and she appreciates having me as a representative for our station!

That means THE WORLD TO ME! 

So I wanted to celebrate her .. because one day.. I want to be badass like that! I want to mentor women younger than me.. tell them about my experiences in life, love, and career!

I get to work for some pretty amazing women in my world.. and Beata is certainly one of them!