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This has been on my heart...

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I've been kinda struggling a little bit lately .....


So I wanted to share my feelings with you guys in case any of you have been feeling this way too!


I've had a couple work things fall through that have made me a little discouraged.... I've had some dating setbacks that have had me a little discouraged lately... 


Why didn't that opportunity come my way... Or, why isn't that guy picking up what I'm throwing down? 

should I text him again? Maybe I should try harder? Maybe I should work harder? 


The answer is no... 

The things that are meant to be in your life WILL BE IN YOUR LIFE ! and the things that aren't meant for you will pass you by... 

but I promise it's because there is something better that you aren't even aware of yet. 


and I truly believe that.. This quote has really been pulling at me lately  



And I am a firm believer in this!  


Sometimes i I find myself being discouraged. It I have to put it back into perspective.

many times when certain things fell through ... Or relationships ended... It's because I was being directed onto a different path... A much better path... And a more direct path to where I'm going :)  


so if any of you are feeling discouraged know you aren't alone!