Tanya Rad

Being Content

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I've come to realize that a majority of

my conversations right now with friends consists of things like this.... 


"my relationship isn't so great... What if I were single?" 

"I hate dating all these weird men.. Why can't I just find a boyfriend?" 

"my boss is the worst.... What if I got a new job" 

 "I like my job but I need to make

more money..." 

"I like this guy.. But what if he's not the one and I'm wasting my time..."


we are constantly questioning where we are in life and always wishing for something else.


but I've come to realize that everything in life has its proper season... And everything will fall into place when it's supposed to. 


the day I stopped questioning where I was in life -- and why I wasn't where I thought I should be.. Was the day I started feeling content with my life... 

and I have to tell you.. It's a beautiful place to be 💜