Tanya Rad

365 Days of Single - Age is just a #

Tanya RadComment

prior to this little experiment of mine... My age range for dating was 30+  ...


if someone my age or younger was interested in dating me, I wanted notning to do with it. 


So you can imagine how pleasantly uncomfortable it made me when a 23-year-old asked me for my number.. And I smiled and begrudgingly gave it out!!


because WHY NOT! 


im not gonna lie it didn't feel natural. I knew I was fighting my mind that was saying "Tanya, what are you doing with a 23-year-old... He doesn't even know who he is yet... He doesn't even know what he wants... Don't waste your time..." 


but I pushed alll that noise to the side and did what I needed to do...

and it felt GREAT! 


Now I know this sounds super lame to some of you out there, but for me this was a big step.