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Mr. Green #365DaysOfSingle

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Again this process is proving to be beneficial!!

I met this guy ... I'm just going to name him "Mr. Green" .... (for the girls that were with me this night, you are the only ones that will know why I gave him this nickname).


He's a guy... who I would normally not have spent 2 minutes with. But he approached me and within 10 minutes was making me feel so good about myself.....

By the end of the night I ended up giving him my #... not expecting anything out of it... but with the 'why not' mentality...

In the past I was so quick to write men off.... thinking "I would never meet someone at a place like this" or whatever the case may be...


I'm now not writing ANYONE off... and just enjoying!

And Mr. Green ... even if I never hear from you again... thank you for your kind words that night! I'll remember them forever :)