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On My Heart Today #365DaysOfSingle

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I don't know why but this quote was really on my heart today....

I think so often (myself included) we focus on the things that we aren't in life instead of being proud of what we are...


We tend to think ... "I'm NOT a size zero, I'm NOT at the point in my career I want to be... I'm NOT in my dream home.. I'm NOT at the place in life I wanted to be at this age..."

Instead of hammering into the things that we AREN'T ... we really need to focus on what we ARE in life..


"I AM healthy.. I'm on the path I'm supposed to be in.. I'm STRONG.. I have big goals... I will GET THERE ONE DAY!"


In terms of dating ... especially In LA I've dated girls who have dated models... actresses... you NAME IT... and often I find I'm comparing myself to the people these guys USED to date..


In reality I have am unique and have so much to offer someone... the minute I stopped comparing myself was the minute I felt my walls come down...

The feeling of self-worth is priceless ... and that came when I STOPPED comparing myself..