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Lyric of The Day - Leona Lewis “Thunder”

Lyric of The DayTanya RadComment

"For some things to start, some have to end.."


Such a simple & short lyric with such a big meaning…

I am a creature of habit! So change isn’t the easiest thing for me to deal with….

Whether is be in my personal life, or my professional life…

I gravitate to this lyric so much because it’s a reminder… that as I move forward and start new chapters in my life, the other doors need to close… and that is OKAY!

 I often find myself holding on to things that don’t serve me… and that is only holding me back from my future goals..

So if you are going through a season of change… or being forced to close some doors in your life..

Just know when one door closes.. another (even bigger door) is getting ready to open for you.