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Tuesday Tops - 8/18/2015

Tuesday TopsTanya RadComment

Every Tuesday I pick my personal top songs that I’m JAMMING to that week…. 

This week I have 3 songs to share with you for 3 very different reasons…


1) SG Lewis “Warm”

**I am living for this song this week… it’s so good but also SO not what I typically listen to! So I’m kinda loving it for being out of the norm.


2) Kygo “Firestone”

** Again, not the typical Tanya song choice but I am LOVING it right now!!! It has been on a constant repeat for the last couple of days!


3) Big Sean “One Man Can Change the World” ft/ Kanye West & John Legend

**I’ve been a big fan of this song from day 1… I just think it’s a sweet and beautiful song that deserves to be in the world! Such a sweet side of Big Sean that most people don’t get a chance to see!


So check back next Tuesday and I’ll have some more new songs for you!