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WCW - Danielle Romo

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Every Wednesday I pick 1 woman in my life that I feel deserves to be celebrated.

As I continue to grow, I feel it important to not only acknowledge the women I keep close, but also put the spotlight on them!!

I’m SO lucky to be surrounded by strong, encouraging, and badass women that I feel the need to celebrate and share!

Today .. my WCW goes to Danielle Romo.

She was a coworker, turned into family, and I know she’ll be in my life forever. She’s one of those girlfriends that will always shoot it to you straight & tell you when you’re being crazy. She’s one of those coworkers that will always help out even if she’s been at work for 12 hours that day. And she’s one of those people that we need MORE of in general. Selfless, thoughtful, and truly a blessing in my life.. Love you D!


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