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#WCW - Hailee Steinfeld

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Today's WCW goes to a girl that I've had the privilege to get to know very well... Ms. Hailee Steinfeld! !! 


i want to always be true to myself on this blog and only spread love for people and artists that I truly love (inside and out). It is extremely hard for me to support an artist that I don't fully believe in, so you can always know that the people / artists I talk about are extraordinary people... Hailee being one of them. 


Hailee doesn't have an ounce of mean on her body. She is so down to earth and doesn't think she is better than anyone around her just cause of what she does. 


she is always saying please and thank you... She's always thanking people... And she's not taking any of it for granted.  

It's been such a pleasure getting to know her over the last year or so and I can say she is like a little sister to me. 

i want to see her win... Because I believe in the good ones being on top!!