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What's wrong with being #Confident??!

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Gotta give it to my girl Demi Lovato for giving me this giant reminder today with her latest sing "Confident."


Look... No one is perfect! We all have things about ourselves we wish we could change.. 

if only my nose were smaller.. If only I were 10 pounds less... I wish I had clear skin... I wish I were taller... I wish I were leaner... I wish I had straight hair... I wish my hair were curly...  


I could go on and on for days! 

ill be the first to admit I am my own worst critic. I find flaws in myself that no one else would even notice.. But I not only find them I let them get the best of me. 

well I've turned a corner in my life and I started owning the insecurities I had. Eff it... Why the hell not?! 

life is way too short to spend any energy wishing you had any other body or life than your own... So embrace is!!! 




And at the end of the day.. There's nothing wrong with feeling #Confident 😜