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When you have a good one ...

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I know I talk a lot about the importance of having good friends around you in life.. 


ive been thinking about it today a lot because it is a very special birthday... My friend Raquelle Stevens. 


i swear she was put in my life to be a voice of reason. She is one of the kindest friends I have, she is the most selfless person in this city, and she has been a constant in my life through all the crazy up and down.... 


she is a voice of reason... She has a calming presence... And she has an inner peace that reflects outward to the people she hangs out with. She make you feel so comfortable in any situation... And I can honestly say having her by my side the last few years has been SO NECESSARY! 


so when you find a friend in your life (like I found Raquelle) you keep them very close! And don't take them for granted ❤️