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After every bad date...

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I don't know about you.... But if you're anything like me, you tend to get a little down after a bad date. 


i don't sit there and sulk and feel sorry for myself ... I just tend to get a little more discouraged with every passing bad date. 


almost like:

"how many more of these am I going to have to go on?"

"When will I meet him?"

"Do I remember what butterflies even feels like anymore?"  


theres 1 thing I've started to do after every bad date I go on... And it's think about what my futur husband is doing at that very moment. 


i often think about this quote below: 


What a reassuring thing to think about..... 

i know that there is someone out there for me... But he's figuring out his stuff so he can be ready for me! 


and knowing that I just have to keep going and moving forward makes it a little easier... 


so so if you tend to get a little discouraged after a bad date. Try my method. It really helped change my mental state ... And it's made dating more exciting vs being more of a chore :)