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Happiness is a CHOICE

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I don't care what anyone says .... I fully believe happiness is a choice in life. And no one helped me realize this more than my friend Moi.


i met Moi at Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) where I go with my girlfriend Raquelle to do a radio show "RAD Radio". We met Moi at our first broadcast 10 months ago.

He was 16-years-old & just diagnosed with bone cancer in his leg that had spread all over his lungs. 


Moi had quite a fight ahead of him.  

When I tell you I've never met anyone with a better perspective / a better outlook on life than Moi I truly mean it.


He was fighting through chemo and surgeries, and more chemo and more surgeries... But every single time we saw Moi he had a huge smile on his face. Constantly pushing through with the best attitude.


Here he was... Battling through the toughest storm of his life... And he never once gave up, gave in to the pain, he stayed positive, focused, and mentally in it.  


No matter your circumstance in life you can either choose to be bitter and sulk, or you can choose to see the good. 


happiness is a choice... .. How do you want to live your life?! 


I want to live like Moi 


 celebrating Moi's last chemo at CHOC 🤗        

celebrating Moi's last chemo at CHOC 🤗  



 Our first ever RAD radio❤️ 

Our first ever RAD radio❤️