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365 Days of Single -- My WHY

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 Day 1 -- MY 'WHY' 


Looking at the last year of my dating life I’ve realized there’s been 1 common theme – the fun has been completely sucked out.


Dating for me has become more of an interview process. I’ve realized the older I get .. the more I go on dates with less of a carefree mentality and feel like I’m interviewing for a job opening – the opening being my future husband.


What’s on your resume? What’s your dating history? Do you stay up late? I wake up early – Can our lives blend? Should I even go on a second date with you? I’ve even gone as far as asking a guy about his family medical history…


I know, I know … I never once tried to tell you guys I wasn’t a little coo coo .. but hey, aren’t we all?!


Anyway… realizing the problem is the first step.


Next step is TAKING ACTION


Which is exactly why I’m doing ‘365 Days of Single: Bringing the fun back to my dating life’


By committing to being single for a full year.. I’m hoping this will take the handcuffs off … hoping I’ll take the pressure off myself to find my perfect mate….


Get back to having fun… learning a new person.. meeting new people… enjoying life experiences …. And getting out of my own head and out of my own way!