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Don't Judge My Journey

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This was the message my Pastor Chad Veach spoke at Zoe Church this morning and it was one of those moments where I knew God was speaking to me... 


the title of the message was "Don't Judge My Journey" and it was coming off a conversation I had the previous night with someone who thought my new "365 Days of Single" journey was a joke...


I know some people think this seems crazy... And I know some people think this is weird.. Others sit back and laugh... ((Let me also state that so many of you are encouraging and amazing and supportive and I love it)) ..


but there are always going to be people that judge you.... 


and I've learned to not care. 


if you care about what everyone else thinks you'll never get anywhere in life. I know that what I'm doing ... This new journey I'm embarking on is what I NEED in my life. 

its a process I NEED to go through because of patterns I've seen in myself... 


no one knows what's best for me besides me... So I most certainly am not going to let anyone else's opinion change my mind about this. 


 And with that I say... Goodnight  

And with that I say... Goodnight  

Goodnight 😘😘😘