Tanya Rad

Having It All #365DaysOfSingle

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Ever since I was little to me "having it all" meant having a job I enjoyed, a husband I loved, and a family to take care of....


at one point in my life I thought I would have been married with baby on the way by 25! 

When my expectation for that relationship crumbled my entire world flipped upside down. 


and as each year passed I felt myself just getting further and further behind on my timeline.. 


it it wasn't until I realized that "having it all" didn't look like anything I had dreamt up. 


i have beautiful relationships in my life and more love than I ever imagined possible... 

i have reached career goals that I always thought were so far from any kind of reality... 


even though I haven't checked off all the boxes I had intended to by this age... I have by far exceeded my own expectations ... And have even created bigger dreams!


to me .. My new definition of "having it all" is being happy, being grateful, loving my life (the big things and the small), having meaningful relationships, and enjoying my life for everything it has to offer in each season that I'm in!